Craig Gaskill: Lessons in Retail Operations

Craig Gaskill is a retail operations manager with twenty years of experience and counting. He is dedicated to his career and, in a 2016 interview, he stated: “I love my work. Retail operations pushes me further and harder all the time. A busy day in the office or running around LA is easily as exhausting as a triathlon, and nearly as rewarding.”

If you hope to become a passionate, successful retail operations professional like Craig Gaskill, tips like those below can help:

  • Time is a Resource. Time is a resource, and a limited one at that. You only have so much time in a day (1,440 minutes, to be exact) and you have even less at work. To manage well, you must make the most out of every minute.

    Be mindful of how you spend your time – when you catch yourself wasting it on Facebook or another time sink, stop yourself. This will take practice, but remember that you come to work to further your career, not to spend your time online.

  • Lead, Don’t Just Manage. As a retail operations manager, you do need to manage, but management is better when you approach it as leadership. Become a leader. Communicate, evaluate, reinforce, commit, coach and set an example.

    Study leadership traits and tactics, apply them to you career and then make constant effort to improve. The more you improve as a leader, the better your team(s) will become.

Consider seeking mentorship with a professional like Craig Gaskill to further your career – find mentorship opportunities at seminars, training courses and even through social media.

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Craig Gaskill – Many Duties as an Operations Manager

Craig Gaskill has made a career out of customer service and working hard in the local retail sector in his Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife and four children. He has been the Operations Manager of a store location in L.A. since 2008 after working his way up from being a stocker for the store. He loves to challenge himself and his employees in this position and completes all of his many duties as the Operations Manager with relish, ensuring that the store continues to succeed and help more customers in its neighborhood.

Craig Gaskill

While a Products Manager typically works to ensure that all of a retail store’s products are properly stocked and marked for sales and product information so that customers can easily find them, an Operations Manager must ensure that all of the operations of the store are being done well. In the case of Craig Gaskill, the operations he is in charge of ensuring are done properly include feeding and caring for the live animals that PlayMart carries for sale. Gaskill also assists the Products Manager in placing the right products where they need to be for their customers. Customers expect to find the products they need in Gaskill’s store quickly and easily, and Gaskill, along with his team, ensures that his customers find what they need.

Craig Gaskill has helped bring the store along into new customers and new levels of sales. His PlayMart store is now one of the best in the district in L.A.

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Craig Gaskill – Three Keys to Gaining Strength with Weight Lifting

Craig Gaskill has worked hard his entire career in retail to improve customer service and sales at his PlayMart store in Los Angeles. PlayMart is a pet supply store providing products for all kinds of pets and their owners. Gaskill is the Operations Manager of a PlayMart store where he is in charge of ensuring excellent customer service and that the store runs smoothly at all times. He still finds time to weight lift and challenge his body physically. Here are three keys to getting maximum effect from lifting weights:

Craig Gaskill

  • Vary workouts. Many weight lifters simply increase the weights they lift every session, but this workout strategy can lead to injury, which will set you back months and cause you to lose your hard-earned progress. Instead, work out different muscle groups every time you lift. You can slowly increase weight and resistance, but you won’t risk injury as much if you work out separate muscle groups every session.
  • Mix in some core workouts. If improving your overall strength is the goal of your weight lifting workouts, you should also mix in workouts focusing on your core body muscles—your abs ad back muscles, among others—to help stabilize all of your other muscles and help prepare your body for the strain on its ligaments as you lift.
  • Get a spotter. Craig Gaskill has found over the years that having a spotter at the gym when he lifts weights and bench presses is useful not only to protect him from injury, but also to hold him accountable for going to the gym and challenging himself on a regular basis.

Craig Gaskill lives and works in Los Angeles.


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Craig Gaskill – Three Keys to Excellent Customer Service

Craig Gaskill has long been known for his ability to make customers feel at home at his PlayMart store in Los Angeles. PlayMart is a local retail chain offering pet products for all kinds of pets in the Los Angeles area. Gaskill worked his way up to Operations Manager in 2008 at his local PlayMart and is now in charge of creating a store that caters to all of PlayMart’s customers. Here are three keys to improving customer service at any business:

Make it easy to find things. Clear labels for like items and a crew of willing and able customer service representatives make it easy for customers to find the products and services they need when they need it. As Craig Gaskill learned many years ago during his career with PlayMart, customer service starts with being useful to customers.

Train staff to be helpful. At PlayMart, employees are required to greet and try to assist any customer they see within ten feet of them on the sales floor. Store policies and expectations should encourage good customer service behaviors as a matter of course.

Have what customers need in stock. As the Operations Manager, Gaskill is partially in charge of purchasing and supplying the store with the products he knows customers need. Nothing dissatisfies customers more than not having what your store claims to have.

Craig Gaskill has mastered these three keys to customer service at PlayMart and works off of them every day with his staff. He lives and works in Los Angeles.


Craig Gaskill – Medium

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