Craig Gaskill: Three Tips to Make it in Retail

Craig Gaskill worked his way up to Operations Manager at a local pet products retail chain store in Los Angeles called PlayMart. He did this by working well with his teammates and catching the eye of his superiors at every stop on his way up the retail corporate ladder, as it were. Gaskill now helps ensure that the entire store is being run properly and smoothly so that its customers can get the products and services they need for their pets. He has become known for his excellent customer service and knowledge. Here are three tips he has learned to rise quickly in retail:
•    Always take extra work Retail workers know that they are in competition with each other for hours. Usually, large retail stores hire excess associates so that they always have staff on hand. This means more jobs for those who want to break into retail, but it also means less hours for everyone. When there is an opportunity for more responsibility and more hours, always take it.
•    Pay attention to performance reviews and truly work on areas of improvement. It’s easy to take a performance review and throw it in the trash, but if superiors see employees making an effort to improve in areas they pointed out they could improve, they catch their eye.
•    Help your fellow workers. The more workers can help their team with useful tasks, the more they help their superiors in charge of hiring and promoting.
Craig Gaskill has worked with many teams and bosses during his career, impressing him with his ability to improve and help his fellow workers out.


About Craig Gaskill

Craig Gaskill has built a successful career out of working in retail as a manager, and he has contributed to many charitable causes throughout his community in Los Angeles. He participates in competitive distance runs for nonprofit organizations raising money for many worthy causes. Gaskill is happy to run to raise money for programs and causes that do the most good in his community.
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