Craig Gaskill: The Perks of Volunteer Work

Craig Gaskill is an active volunteer in Los Angeles, California. He is also a busy father, husband, triathlete, weight lifter and retail operations manager.

Managing a busy schedule like Craig Gaskill’s to make time to volunteer might not be your idea of fun, but to those who donate their time, the perks are worth the sacrifices. For example, in addition to fulfilling your desire to donate your time, volunteer work offers the following benefits:

•    Boost Your Career Volunteers earn more, on average, than their non-volunteering counterparts. The professional relationships formed during volunteer work contribute to this, as many double the size of their networks in a single day of donating their time.

In addition to networking benefits, employers statistically hire and promote those with volunteer experience more readily than those without. This is, in part, because volunteer work shows a desire to go above the minimum and to work with a community.

Volunteer work also allows you to learn new skills for better positions at work. For example, if you need management experience, volunteer to manage a team.

•    Give Back to Society Volunteering allows you to participate in your community and give back to society in ways that you would otherwise miss. You connect directly with a cause that you believe in, and provide much-needed manpower to further that cause.

For example, if you are passionate about animals, volunteer with a local shelter. You will make the animals happier by being there, which increases chances of adoption, and happy adopted animals are more likely to enrich families and stay in their new homes forever.

As a bonus, volunteering will allow you to meet like minded professionals like Craig Gaskill. This can be an ideal time to make new friends, expand your professional network and socialize.


About Craig Gaskill

Craig Gaskill has built a successful career out of working in retail as a manager, and he has contributed to many charitable causes throughout his community in Los Angeles. He participates in competitive distance runs for nonprofit organizations raising money for many worthy causes. Gaskill is happy to run to raise money for programs and causes that do the most good in his community.
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