Craig Gaskill: Be a Great Leader

Craig Gaskill is a retail operations manager in Los Angeles, California, with decades in his field. He is also a respected professional leader.

Great leaders like Craig Gaskill often follow similar strategies to succeed. Below are examples of methods used by such professionals that you can apply to your leadership endeavors:

•    Share Ideas. When you have an idea, share it. Keeping good ideas to yourself often causes you to lose them, but sharing them allows your team to build on them and take part in project development.

Though sharing an idea in a meeting might make you nervous about overshadowing your team members, it sets a good example and encourages quieter voices to speak up.

•    Promote Slowly. Promoting too quickly can place unprepared professionals in situations that they cannot handle. If you promote slowly, however, you give team members time to prepare for upcoming roles so that they can handle new responsibilities.

This practice might try your patience, but everyone involved will benefit.

•    Facilitate. Communication is good, but facilitation is better. Whenever possible, facilitate top performance and demonstrate best practices.

No matter how clearly you communicate, setting an example and creating an environment that facilitates good practices will typically produce better results.

•    Reward Creativity. Instead of only rewarding textbook rule-following, reward creativity. If employees think outside of the box to solve problems, show them that you value their efforts with a bonus, a company award or another incentive.

Rewarding creativity breeds talent and unique ideas from within a company.

Applying tips like those above isn’t enough. If you hope to become a leader like Craig Gaskill, you’ll need to love your work and never stop learning.


About Craig Gaskill

Craig Gaskill has built a successful career out of working in retail as a manager, and he has contributed to many charitable causes throughout his community in Los Angeles. He participates in competitive distance runs for nonprofit organizations raising money for many worthy causes. Gaskill is happy to run to raise money for programs and causes that do the most good in his community.
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