Craig Gaskill: Lessons in Retail Operations

Craig Gaskill is a retail operations manager with twenty years of experience and counting. He is dedicated to his career and, in a 2016 interview, he stated: “I love my work. Retail operations pushes me further and harder all the time. A busy day in the office or running around LA is easily as exhausting as a triathlon, and nearly as rewarding.”

If you hope to become a passionate, successful retail operations professional like Craig Gaskill, tips like those below can help:

  • Time is a Resource. Time is a resource, and a limited one at that. You only have so much time in a day (1,440 minutes, to be exact) and you have even less at work. To manage well, you must make the most out of every minute.

    Be mindful of how you spend your time – when you catch yourself wasting it on Facebook or another time sink, stop yourself. This will take practice, but remember that you come to work to further your career, not to spend your time online.

  • Lead, Don’t Just Manage. As a retail operations manager, you do need to manage, but management is better when you approach it as leadership. Become a leader. Communicate, evaluate, reinforce, commit, coach and set an example.

    Study leadership traits and tactics, apply them to you career and then make constant effort to improve. The more you improve as a leader, the better your team(s) will become.

Consider seeking mentorship with a professional like Craig Gaskill to further your career – find mentorship opportunities at seminars, training courses and even through social media.


About Craig Gaskill

Craig Gaskill has built a successful career out of working in retail as a manager, and he has contributed to many charitable causes throughout his community in Los Angeles. He participates in competitive distance runs for nonprofit organizations raising money for many worthy causes. Gaskill is happy to run to raise money for programs and causes that do the most good in his community.
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