Craig Gaskill – Many Duties as an Operations Manager

Craig Gaskill has made a career out of customer service and working hard in the local retail sector in his Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife and four children. He has been the Operations Manager of a store location in L.A. since 2008 after working his way up from being a stocker for the store. He loves to challenge himself and his employees in this position and completes all of his many duties as the Operations Manager with relish, ensuring that the store continues to succeed and help more customers in its neighborhood.

Craig Gaskill

While a Products Manager typically works to ensure that all of a retail store’s products are properly stocked and marked for sales and product information so that customers can easily find them, an Operations Manager must ensure that all of the operations of the store are being done well. In the case of Craig Gaskill, the operations he is in charge of ensuring are done properly include feeding and caring for the live animals that PlayMart carries for sale. Gaskill also assists the Products Manager in placing the right products where they need to be for their customers. Customers expect to find the products they need in Gaskill’s store quickly and easily, and Gaskill, along with his team, ensures that his customers find what they need.

Craig Gaskill has helped bring the store along into new customers and new levels of sales. His PlayMart store is now one of the best in the district in L.A.

About Craig Gaskill

Craig Gaskill has built a successful career out of working in retail as a manager, and he has contributed to many charitable causes throughout his community in Los Angeles. He participates in competitive distance runs for nonprofit organizations raising money for many worthy causes. Gaskill is happy to run to raise money for programs and causes that do the most good in his community.
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