Craig Gaskill: Three Tips to Make it in Retail

Craig Gaskill worked his way up to Operations Manager at a local pet products retail chain store in Los Angeles called PlayMart. He did this by working well with his teammates and catching the eye of his superiors at every stop on his way up the retail corporate ladder, as it were. Gaskill now helps ensure that the entire store is being run properly and smoothly so that its customers can get the products and services they need for their pets. He has become known for his excellent customer service and knowledge. Here are three tips he has learned to rise quickly in retail:
•    Always take extra work Retail workers know that they are in competition with each other for hours. Usually, large retail stores hire excess associates so that they always have staff on hand. This means more jobs for those who want to break into retail, but it also means less hours for everyone. When there is an opportunity for more responsibility and more hours, always take it.
•    Pay attention to performance reviews and truly work on areas of improvement. It’s easy to take a performance review and throw it in the trash, but if superiors see employees making an effort to improve in areas they pointed out they could improve, they catch their eye.
•    Help your fellow workers. The more workers can help their team with useful tasks, the more they help their superiors in charge of hiring and promoting.
Craig Gaskill has worked with many teams and bosses during his career, impressing him with his ability to improve and help his fellow workers out.

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Craig Gaskill: The Perks of Volunteer Work

Craig Gaskill is an active volunteer in Los Angeles, California. He is also a busy father, husband, triathlete, weight lifter and retail operations manager.

Managing a busy schedule like Craig Gaskill’s to make time to volunteer might not be your idea of fun, but to those who donate their time, the perks are worth the sacrifices. For example, in addition to fulfilling your desire to donate your time, volunteer work offers the following benefits:

•    Boost Your Career Volunteers earn more, on average, than their non-volunteering counterparts. The professional relationships formed during volunteer work contribute to this, as many double the size of their networks in a single day of donating their time.

In addition to networking benefits, employers statistically hire and promote those with volunteer experience more readily than those without. This is, in part, because volunteer work shows a desire to go above the minimum and to work with a community.

Volunteer work also allows you to learn new skills for better positions at work. For example, if you need management experience, volunteer to manage a team.

•    Give Back to Society Volunteering allows you to participate in your community and give back to society in ways that you would otherwise miss. You connect directly with a cause that you believe in, and provide much-needed manpower to further that cause.

For example, if you are passionate about animals, volunteer with a local shelter. You will make the animals happier by being there, which increases chances of adoption, and happy adopted animals are more likely to enrich families and stay in their new homes forever.

As a bonus, volunteering will allow you to meet like minded professionals like Craig Gaskill. This can be an ideal time to make new friends, expand your professional network and socialize.

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Craig Gaskill: Three Skills to Improve to be a Better Manager

Craig Gaskill has been the Operations Manager for a Play Mart store in Los Angeles since 2008. He has worked with the company for several years before that and understands how to motivate others to accomplish the goals of the company and find new ways to improve and grow as a business.Craig Gaskill has been a valuable leader for his particular Play Mart store for years because he constantly challenges himself to improve these three skills to be a better leader:

•    Organization You could say that organization is a necessary skill in many workplaces. But especially in a retail setting like where Craig Gaskill works, organization of products, sales and promotional material and the distribution of the different staff members on the sales floor. As a manager, the look of the store and the coordination of the staff that works there are a reflection on your leadership.

•    Delivering criticism There will be plenty of employees who work hard and improve seemingly on their own, but everyone else needs constructive criticism every now and then to fine tune their abilities as staff members there help customers and keep the store running smoothly. Being able to explain criticism in a positive way is a great managerial skill.

•    Teamwork Teamwork in this case refers to your ability to work in a team to accomplish a common goal and your ability to form the right teams to complete the tasks you need completed.

Craig Gaskill has helped his store improve in many discern-able metrics through the years working there as a manager and leader.

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Craig Gaskill: Be a Great Leader

Craig Gaskill is a retail operations manager in Los Angeles, California, with decades in his field. He is also a respected professional leader.

Great leaders like Craig Gaskill often follow similar strategies to succeed. Below are examples of methods used by such professionals that you can apply to your leadership endeavors:

•    Share Ideas. When you have an idea, share it. Keeping good ideas to yourself often causes you to lose them, but sharing them allows your team to build on them and take part in project development.

Though sharing an idea in a meeting might make you nervous about overshadowing your team members, it sets a good example and encourages quieter voices to speak up.

•    Promote Slowly. Promoting too quickly can place unprepared professionals in situations that they cannot handle. If you promote slowly, however, you give team members time to prepare for upcoming roles so that they can handle new responsibilities.

This practice might try your patience, but everyone involved will benefit.

•    Facilitate. Communication is good, but facilitation is better. Whenever possible, facilitate top performance and demonstrate best practices.

No matter how clearly you communicate, setting an example and creating an environment that facilitates good practices will typically produce better results.

•    Reward Creativity. Instead of only rewarding textbook rule-following, reward creativity. If employees think outside of the box to solve problems, show them that you value their efforts with a bonus, a company award or another incentive.

Rewarding creativity breeds talent and unique ideas from within a company.

Applying tips like those above isn’t enough. If you hope to become a leader like Craig Gaskill, you’ll need to love your work and never stop learning.

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Craig Gaskill: How Volunteering Can Change Your Life

Craig Gaskill, a Los Angeles, California, retail operations manager is a busy professional whose schedule stays packed with family obligations, exercise and work. Regardless, he carves out time to volunteer, often as a family event.

The reasons that volunteers like Craig Gaskill prioritize donating their time vary, but most agree that the act changes your life for the better. The below benefits represent just some of the ways that becoming a volunteer can change you:

• Find Purpose in Life : Volunteering creates a sense of purpose that many careers and lives lack. Think of what you want to do with your life and what makes you feel good. If, for example, helping under-privileged children inspires passion and purpose, volunteering with kids in your area will make you excited to wake up in the morning.

If one volunteering opportunity doesn’t feel right to you, keep looking. There’s a volunteer position right for everyone. Soon, you’ll be waking up and working hard not just for you, but for a cause that you care about.

• Get More from Your Social Life : Volunteering connects you with like minded people, which helps you make friends and business relationships in one spot.

Professionals and people from all walks of life volunteer – you’ll meet an array of people that you enjoy being around or can network with. This is not often the case with other social outings, like heading to the local bar.

Friendships and business partnerships established through volunteer work are more likely to last and to lead to deeper connections.

Look for organizations in your area that you believe in and then contact them to learn how to get involved. This is how volunteers like Craig Gaskill get started, and once they begin, they rarely want to stop.

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Craig Gaskill: The Key to Success

Craig Gaskill is a successful retail operations manager in Los Angeles, California. He has a positive reputation for his many specializations and participates in training regularly. Mr. Gaskill believes that, in addition to his regular business seminars and courses, lifting weights helps him do well at work. In his own words:

“I believe that fitness is the key to succeeding as a professional.”

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Craig Gaskill: Living a Healthier Life

Craig Gaskill is a busy California retail operations manager, husband and father. He leads a healthy life to set an example for his children, to keep up with his wife and to extend his longevity as a successful businessman.

In a recent interview, Craig Gaskill stated: “Lifting lets me level my head. Bad days at work can always be fixed with time in the gym. I believe that fitness is the key to succeeding as a professional and in life.” Many successful professionals who lead healthy lives feel this way.

If you’d like to join their ranks, follow the basic steps below to start living a healthier life:

  • Get Moving! Moving more is easy. Whether you park in the back of the parking lot or go on walks at lunch, all that matters in the beginning is that you’re moving more. Once you get into the routine of more exercise, you can start adding formal workout routines to your daily schedule.

Exercising more gives you more energy and helps you sleep more soundly when done regularly.

  • Fuel Your Body! If you eat right, everything else will follow. Though willpower can get in the way, fueling your body is as simple as eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods. Stop eating things with ingredient lists and opt for fruits, veggies, lean meats and organic dairy products.

Quality food fills you up faster, which can reduce grocery bills, and it provides more nutrients, which boosts your energy and makes you happier.

Consider finding a health buddy to stay motivated with – Craig Gaskill runs with his wife and hits the gym with a close friend, and both help keep him accountable.


Craig Gaskill on Behance

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